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Term 4 - week 11

  • Grade 6 Graduation
  • Grade 6 Dinner
  • Highly successful year
  • Ivor Bowen Cultural Awards
  • 2017 School Captains
  • 2017 House Captains
  • 2017 Specialist Captains
  • 2017 classroom teachers
  • Newsletter and website
  • Farewells, final assembly and farewell BBQ

What an amazing night last Thursday night. Congratulations to Suzanne Hobson, her expertise enabled the grade 5/6 students to shine on stage with a terrific performance of 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory'. The academic and excellence awards were presented (refer to list below) and the 2017 School Captains were announced. Thank you to Claire Clifton our School Council President for her kind words and best wishes for me as I move into retirement. Thank you to Sophie and Tim for the terrific photos.

The Grade 6 Dinner was a fitting way to farewell the grade 6 students and I thank them for being such terrific role models across the school throughout 2016. Thank you to the grade 6 Dinner Committee for all their work behind the scenes to make the night a great success for our grade 6 students.

Wow, what a year! Wonderful success stories across the school in so many ways. From Prep to Grade 6. The slide presentation presented at assembly illustrated this very well. Congratulations to all students, staff and parents/carers for an excellent year.

The Cultural Awards were presented at assembly this week. Congratulations to all the students who were recognised. Thank you to Sam Bowen for presenting the awards. Thank you to David Dawson from Overwrought for his sponsorship and the beautiful trophies.

The 2017 School/ House, ICT & Specialist Captains were introduced to the school at assembly. I would like to acknowledge all the 2016 captains for their work this year, a job well done. Of particular note can I say thank you and congratulations to the two school captains, Keylah and Lewin who have done a mighty job throughout 2016.

The classroom teacher’s list has also been included in this edition of the newsletter on page three, our final newsletter. It is important to note that despite a number of composite classes, priority is given to individual learning needs and therefore this will have no impact on learning. In fact we are very fortunate to be able to offer 13 grades (which has resulted in a number of composite classes) as this structure keeps student numbers down in classes across the school.

I would like to acknowledge Marilyn and Leonie who have produced the newsletter every week, throughout the year. They both allocate considerable time to this role to ensure that a high quality is maintained. Thank you Marilyn, Deanne and Leonie. I would also like to acknowledge Ross Richard for his work on maintaining our school website and for posting my Principal Report every week. This is an excellent means of communication for our parents. Thank you Ross.

Farewell and thanks to Mr Garner who is relocating across to Ballarat. Dave has been a very valuable member of staff over the past three years. In his role of Assistant Principal he has supported student engagement & wellbeing and grown our understandings in curriculum and data analysis. His has led the school as the Acting Principal whilst I have been on leave and has touched many other elements across the school, including supporting Drummond Primary School. For all that and more we say thank you Dave and all the very best in your new position.

Finally, as you know, I too will be finishing at the end of the year. It has been an absolute honour to lead Daylesford Primary School and Annexes over the past 10 years. I consider it a privilege to be associated with education for the past 41 years. I have enjoyed working within seven different schools, teaching for 29 years and in Principal class for the past 12 years. I would like to think I have made a difference in the lives of a number of students and in turn their families and our community. I would like to say thank you to the Daylesford, Yandoit & Drummond communities for your support during my time as Principal. The partnership between, staff, parents and the greater community has most certainly resulted in very positive outcomes for our students. I am very proud of what I have achieved over the past ten years, but this was only possible because of the united and team effort of all the staff, School Council and parents. To all of you I say a very huge and sincere thank you and wish the school and the members of this amazing community all the very best for the future.

Finally, thank you to the staff and parents who organised a wonderful send off and farewell at our assembly and farewell BBQ. I very much appreciate the parents who have come forward and passed on their thanks and best wishes. Very humbling, thank you!

Have a lovely holiday, Merry Christmas and all the very best for the New Year.

Peter Burke, Principal

Term 4 - week 10

  • Yandoit Concert
  • Thank you for cricket gear
  • Christmas Gifts passed onto the Daylesford Family Services
  • Student Leadership Process
  • Overdue Library Books
  • Celebrating Success
  • Transition Up Day
  • KG Volunteers afternoon tea
  • Parent Volunteer morning tea
  • Drummond Concert
  • Presentation Evening

Congratulations to the Yandoit community on a wonderful Yandoit Concert. Well done to the dedicated staff of Deb Rauber, Josie Berto, Nicole Wassell, David Lewis and Michelle Quinn on putting together an excellent night of celebration. It was announced that Deb Rauber will be retiring next year after 17 years at Yandoit, Deb received some flowers and warm appreciation was extended to her by the Yandoit Community.

Thank you to Shane and Tama Gray for organising the donation of children’s cricket gear from the Glenlyon Cricket Club. Mr K will most certainly put this gear to good use.

A representative from each of our Family Groups presented a Christmas gift to Daylesford Family Services staff members Rae Huff & Sally Carmody. Rae thanked the children very much for their generosity and stated that DFS will pass the gifts onto identified families. This is a terrific example of doing something for someone else as we move into Christmas.

The student leadership process was finalised this week. 2017 Captains will be announced in assembly next week.

Thank you to parents who have responded to the call out for overdue books. A great return this week, with only a few outstanding books. Last reminder!

In assembly this week, the grade 2 students combined together with Miss Stevens and Ms Thompson to present two excellent videos on success. The presentations certainly reinforced many great examples of success throughout the year. It was a terrific 'Celebration of Success' our fortnightly focus.

Transition Up Day was a very valuable day, allowing staff and students to meet in their 2017 class groups. The purpose of this day is to assist with the transition from 2016 to 2017. It was a very positive day and I would like to acknowledge the staff for their efforts surrounding the preparation for this day.

Two separate functions were held to thank our Kitchen Garden and Parent Volunteers. They were both well attended and on behalf of the School Council, staff and students I extended our warm appreciation and sincere thanks for their time and commitment to our school in so many different ways. We are indeed fortunate to have such a lovely school community who gets behind the school and supports them to bring about better outcomes for the children.

The Catherine King Community Award was presented to Matthew Spaccatore at our volunteer's morning tea. Matthew was recognised for his enormous contribution across the school, but most significantly within the Prep classrooms. Congratulations Matthew.

Wednesday night was our Drummond PS concert. The night was well organised and great fun. Robyn Stickland who is finishing up at the end of the year, was recognised for her contribution at Drummond. Sincere thanks and a small presentation to Robyn were passed on by the school community.

The Grade 5/6 Presentation Evening was also conducted this week. Next week’s newsletter will include a full report on the night, including Academic Awards and 2017 Captains.

Peter Burke, Principal

Term 4 - week 9

  • Daylesford Art Show
  • Work in school grounds - thank you Barry Phypers Be a Good Citizen
  • Overdue Library Books
  • Parent Volunteer Breakfast invitation
  • Student Leadership Process

Congratulations to all the students whose art work was on display at the Daylesford Show over the weekend. Well done and thanks go to Nicole Wassell our amazing art teacher who supported this event. Thanks also go to Evan-Mae, Sandra, Kerry & Mathew Forbes who assisted with the event.

Barry Phypers has again assisted the school by completing some works in the school grounds. Barry has most recently rebuilt some steps on one of our entrances, this is on the back of shifting sand and preparing the cricket pitches on the oval. Thank you Barry your time is very much appreciated. Thanks also to Sebastian who assisted his grandfather over the weekend.

'Be a Good Citizen' is one of our school values. At assembly this week I called on everyone within our school community to consider how they could be a good citizen over the coming weeks. The school is modelling this in a number of ways, for example we are giving Christmas gifts to Daylesford Family Services next week in assembly. I asked everyone to think about how they could do something for someone else, without the expectation of reward or recognition.

Can I reinforce the message that Library Books are now due! We are extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful resource in the school, our library. But to maintain the library resource requires a team effort from all members of our school community. Please identify if your child has any overdue books and if so please make it a priority to return them to school on Monday.

If you have volunteered your time within the school at any point throughout this year, please consider yourself invited to our Volunteer’s morning tea next Wednesday 7th December at 11.00 in our gym. It will be our small way of saying thanks for your contribution to our beautiful school. I had the pleasure of interviewing ten grade 5 students who were shortlisted for the 2017 School Captain position this week. The students presented so well, the school is indeed spoilt for choice. It was a very difficult decision. The 2017 School Captains will be announced at the Presentation Evening next week.

I also had the pleasure of listening to the House & Specialist Captain speeches this week. Again the students who nominated did a terrific job. I am so proud of them to have the courage to nominate. I am also very pleased by the strong culture of student leadership within the school. This can certainly be attributed to the current student leaders and their excellent modelling throughout 2016. I say a BIG thank you to our School Captains, House Captains and Specialist Captains, a job well done.

Peter Burke, Principal

Term 4 - week 8

  • Parent Letter – Mr Burke is finishing up!
  • Community Fair
  • Transition to 2017
  • Breakfast Program
  • P-2 Swimming Program

It's been yet another busy period of events coupled with planning for 2017, which is fast approaching. Please take the time to read the attached letter from Mr Burke regarding 2017.

Last weekend saw students from our Choirs perform throughout the Community Fair. We are always so proud of how our students, your children, represent our great schools at such events. Thank you to Suzanne and Katie for enabling this opportunity, as well as the parents and students who represented the school so well at this community event.

Wednesday this week saw the final 2017 Prep transition session where our new Prep students met their buddies. This is always such a significant part of the transition both into the school, and into our Family groups. Our "pre-Prep" children and Year Five students were very excited and made immediate connections which will build a strong foundation for the start of 2017. Also on the day, we held our Year 2-3 transition evening - another significant part of our extensive transition structures across this school. We recognise, with regards to both programs and the curriculum, there is a significant step between Year Two and Three. As such, this evening provided a chance for students and parents to get a sense of what the transition will be like and how we can continue to work together in partnership to support children through these transitions.

Monday 28 November will be our final Breakfast Program for the year, again at 8:30am in the Gym. All students are welcome. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers - Annette and Alan Thomas – who donate so much time and energy into running this program for us. They do this on top of a lot of community work throughout Daylesford and the wider community. Annette and Alan, you are making a big difference - thank you!

Lastly, a reminder to our P-2 families that the swimming program starts in less than two weeks - on Monday 5th December. Notes have gone home outlining the timetable and payment is required ASAP to allow us to fully plan and organise this wonderful program. We are so lucky to have the swimming pool as a resource for this school to utilise for Early Year swimming - a vital survival skill for all children to have.

David Garner, Vice-Principal

Term 4 - week 7

  • Remembrance Day
  • Prep Transition
  • 2017 Planning Day
  • Grade 5 leadership positions
  • Numeracy Day Presentations
  • School Review

Thank you and well done to all the families who supported the RSL by purchasing a Remembrance Day Poppy last week. Our School Captains represented the school and laid a wreath at the Cenotahp ceremony on Friday. Lily Austen and Eliza Strawhorn from our school also attended the ceremony, respresenting the Girl Guides. It was a very moving ceremony and all the children stated that they felt it was very worthwhile attending.

Our second 2017 Prep transition morning went very well on Wednesday. Our grade 5 students will meet their buddies next week, which I know they are looking forward to.

Wednesday's Pupil Free Day enabled the staff to put some planning in place for 2017. Staff worked in teams, discussing class structures and student placement for 2017. Part of the day was also dedicated to student data analysis and report writing.

Over twenty grade 5 students have nominated themselves for the 2017 School Captain positions. This is a very large percentage of our grade 5 cohert, which is very pleasing to see. I would like to acknowledge each of these children and thank them for their speeches. It takes a degree of courage to stand in front of your peers and deliver a speech about your leadership qualities. An excellent experience for all the students. The student votes have been considered and the students who have been shortlisted for further interviews will be notified in writing.

Allie Morrissey from DSC attended our assembly this week and congratulated our grade 5 & 6 students on the success of the Numeracy Day that was conducted at the Secondary College. Results from the competitions were announced and certificates were then presented to the three winning teams.

Our School Review process continues, with a core team of staff scheduled to work with our reviewer next Monday. The terms of reference that will guide our discussion was constructed by the Principal and the Reviewer, in consultation with the School Education Improvement Leader (SEIL), the school's selected Challenge partners and the School Council President. The purpose of the day is for the panel to provide recommendations to inform the school’s strategic direction and the preparation of our next strategic plan.

Finally, a call out to all families regarding overdue library books. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful school library, but we need to remain focused on retaining this resource. There are a number of overdue library books outstanding at the moment and I ask all families to gather up any school library books and pleased send them in to school. Thanks for your action on this matter.

Peter Burke, Principal

Term 4 - week 6

  • Swiss Italian Prizes
  • Family Groups - Gold Coin Donation
  • Movember
  • School Singlets
  • 2017 Prep Transition
  • Pupil Free Day - Wednesday 16th November
  • Remembrance Day
  • Student Leadership 2017
  • Parent Letter - Important Information about 2017

At this week's assembly we revisited the amazing work of many of our students in the Swiss Italian Landscape Art & Pinocchio drawing competitions. Special mention certificates were also handed out to a number of students by the specialist staff and their work was displayed in front of all the children.

Once again a call out to all families to support the giving of a Christmas gift to Daylesford Family Services, by offering a gold coin donation to their classroom teacher. Gifts will then be purchased and these gifts will be given to Family Services at our assembly on Tuesday 6th December.

The male staff are participating in Movember. If you wish to get behind men’s health then simply visit and search for Daylesford Primary School.

We are still missing a number of school athletic singlets, which have been used by our students for XC, aths, cricket etc. If you come across one in your spring clean please send it in to school. Thanks.

This Wednesday we welcomed our new 2017 Prep students and their parents at our first Prep Transition morning. It was wonderful to meet our newest students and the information session for the parents was well attended. The grade 5 students will meet their buddies on Wednesday 23rd November.

A reminder that Wednesday 16th November is a Pupil Free Day, to allow staff the time to put planning for 2017 in place.

Friday 11th November is Remembrance Day. It marks the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, back in 1918. At assembly this week the school honoured this day by a minute's silence and by making poppies available. The red remembrance poppy has become a familiar emblem of Remembrance Day due to the poem In Flanders Fields. These poppies bloomed across some of the worst battlefields of Flanders in World War 1, their brilliant red colour became a symbol for the blood spilled in the war. Thank you to all the families who purchased a poppy during the week and therefore supported the RSL.

The grade 5 students were briefed his week on the 2017 leadership processes. I encouraged all the students to consider nominating for School Captain, House Captain, Specialist Captain or all three if they feel they have some leadership qualities and would like to develop them further in 2017.

Finally, accompanying this newsletter is a letter for parents/carers outlining some important information for 2017. You will note that the school will continue to offer the marvellous service of purchasing all the student requisites for 2017 and passing on the cost saving to parents. Again we have again been able to keep the costs down but at the same time keep the quality of provision up. It is of course vital that ALL parents commit to this payment in the new year in order for the service to remain viable.

Peter Burke, Principal

Term 4 - week 5

  • Breakfast Program
  • Remembrance Day Assembly
  • 2017 Prep Transition starts
  • Pupil Free Day-Planning 2017
  • Class Requests 2017-Now Closed
  • Movember
  • School Singlets missing

Our breakfast program will run in the Gym on Monday 7th November at 8:30am - all students are welcome!

Next Friday is Remembrance Day. The School Captains and myself will be attending the RSL ceremony at the Cenotaph in Daylesford. We will be holding a remembrance day Assembly on Tuesday 8th November. Poppies are available for purchase.

We are looking forward to our Prep Transition morning next Wednesday.

A reminder, Wednesday 16th is a pupil free day, the staff will be involved in planning for 2017. A very full day for staff!

Class requests for 2017 are now closed.

Some of our staff are participating in Movember. The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier and longer lives. Since 2003, millions have joined the men's health movement, raising $685 million and funding over 1,000 programs focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. To donate: Visit and search for: Daylesford Primary School.

Finally, we have a large amount of school singlets missing. These singlets are used for sporting events and activities where students represent our school. Could I ask all parents and students to have a thorough look at home and return as soon as possible.

Peter Burke, Principal

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