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Term 3 - week 1

Welcome Back
It is a pleasure to welcome back all students, staff and families for Term 3 – a term of goal-setting and hard work. I would like to make a specific welcome to Josh Buckland who will be taking Karen Brothers’ class 6KB for six weeks; he will make a wonderful contribution to our school this term. Parents will be able to meet him formally during the Parent/Teacher/Student interview day.

Over the holidays there has been impressive work taking place in the Art Room with Nicole working with Jeff Stewart creating large puppets in preparation for the Swiss & Italian Festa where they will accompany Nonno and Nonna. Congratulations and thank you for your incredible dedication.

It has been a positive start to Term 3. Mr Edwards has sent his best wishes from Canada while continuing his long service leave during the first 2 weeks of term.

JSC Fundraiser 29th June
Thank you to JSC for organising our fundraiser last term. This resulted in $256.00 being donated to the Daylesford Hospital in support of our local community.

Parent Teacher Student Interviews 25th July
You will have received a note regarding the Parent-Teacher-Student interviews requesting you make a time with your child’s class and specialist teachers for next Wednesday, 25th July.

It is important that students attend these meetings to discuss their goals as well as receive feedback about their progress. These interviews will also allow you the opportunity to ask questions and follow up on the Semester 1 reports. Please return the notes as soon as possible to ensure you receive an appointment time.

Katie Yeung will offer interviews for P-2 students from 2:30 to 4:30 on Tuesday 24th in the Performing Arts room.

Please note: students are not required for formal classes Wednesday 25th July but are required to attend the allotted interview.

Current Focus-goal Setting
Lastly, but certainly not least, our current focus is around Goal Setting with the students. The middle of the year provides a perfect opportunity to take stock of where we have come from and where we want to head for the rest of the year.

The students have been, and will continue to be, very busy setting goals and identifying strategies and actions to implement in order to work towards those goals.

This will form a large part of the interview next week. There is nothing more powerful than the children articulating for themselves what their goals are and having us as coaches and mentors to help guide them and create the conditions in which they can succeed.

Enjoy your weekend

Karen McHugh,
Acting Principal

Term 2 - week 11

School Holiday Break
I hope everyone enjoys their school holiday break. Please remember that tomorrow school concludes at 2.30pm. Consequently, all bus travellers will be affected as they will be picked up earlier from school. Please ensure that arrangements have been made to accommodate this at the various bus stops. I hope everyone enjoys a restful break. We will commence term 3 on Monday the 16th of July.

Mavericks And Misfits Production
Our year 3 to 6 children had the opportunity to attend this fabulous production on Wednesday. Congratulations to all the actors, producers, directors and all the behind the scenes people who made this such a standout production. Again, you may like to attend as a family. I suggest that you book tickets on and make it a great family night. Congratulations must go to the children from Daylesford Primary School who were performing in Mavericks and Misfits! Outstanding!!

Book Fair-september 1st And 2nd
Again, we would like to thank all the people who have, over the previous month or so, delivered excess books to the school to support our Annual Book Fair. Everything is progressing well but we would still encourage volunteers who would like to assist with the organisation, or especially the book sorts, to contact Shelley Sandow on 0427 152 949.

Reports Out Yesterday
Everyone should have received their child’s/children’s reports yesterday. As stated in last week’s newsletter parent/teacher/student interviews will be hosted at the school on our pupil free day Wednesday the 25th of July. Further information and scheduling will be outlined in subsequent newsletters at the commencement of Term 3.

School Trivia Night
With today’s newsletter there is information about our school council approved Trivia Night, to be hosted on Saturday October 13th. If you believe you can assist please contact Andrea Gardiner, who is project managing this event.

Naidoc Week 2018
I have included information about Ellen’s walk for Reconciliation to be held on Sunday 15th July 2018. We would like you to consider participating in this wonderful event as an important aspect of Reconciliation.

I hope everyone has a wonderful break.

Trevor Edwards,

Term 2 - week 10

Semester One Reports
All reports will be sent home with the children on Wednesday 27th June. I apologise for the fact that originally we stated that they would go out on Monday but, due to timing issues, we have changed this date. The opportunity to engage in a parent teacher interview will be on Wednesday the 25th of July, a pupil free day, where you can discuss your child’s current progress and goals into the future. Information about booking times will be sent out very early in Term 3.

Book Fair Book Sort Day
Please note that this Sunday, the 24th of June, we will be hosting a book sort in preparation for our annual Book Fair. The book sort will take place in the school gym from 10am until 4pm so if you would like to volunteer, even for an hour, you will be made most welcome. Likewise, if you would like to donate books to this year’s Book Fair it would be a wonderful opportunity to drop them off at the gym on this day. The large bus gates will be open. We look forward to everyone’s support as we prepare for the Annual Book Fair on Saturday and Sunday, the 1st & 2nd of September. Thanking you for your support.

Mavericks And Misfits
Many people have commented positively on the large sign outside our school promoting this fantastic performance. We have a number of our children involved in the production. I encourage everyone to have a look on the website: as you may like to book as a family. As a school, with the generosity of Jen Bray, Mark Dickenson and others, we have our Year 3-6 children attending a performance on Wednesday 27th of June at the Town Hall. We very much look forward to this opportunity.

Blue Light Disco - Friday 22nd June
Please note that the Daylesford police will host the Blue Light Disco tonight, from 6pm until 9pm. As with all Blue Light Discos, there are no pass outs and children are extensively supervised to ensure everyone has a wonderful time. Entry fee is $5 and the theme is favourite animals!

Winter Raffle
Please note that at our next assembly to be held at the School Gym on Tuesday the 26th of June, our Winter Raffle will be drawn. We encourage everyone to come along to this assembly. All money raised will go towards our valuable learning resources and this year’s Grade 6 Graduation Dinner. We would like to thank all the organisers and all the donors, who will be acknowledged in next week’s newsletter. All winners will also be acknowledged.

Principal Role For First Two Weeks Of Term 3
Please note that Karen McHugh will be acting Principal for the first two weeks of term 3. I will be back on Monday the 30th of July. I trust everyone will support Karen for this period.

Enjoy your weekend.

Trevor Edwards,

Term 2 - week 9

I trust everyone had an enjoyable long weekend as we progress towards the end of term.

Semester One Student Reports
Teachers have concluded writing all student reports and we are now in the final phases of editing and printing them for handout on Monday the 25th of June. Parent/Student/Teacher interviews are scheduled for Wednesday the 25th of July.

Code Of Conduct Policy
Attached with today’s newsletter is the schools Code of Conduct as ratified by our last Daylesford P.S. School Council meeting. It clearly states the conduct requirements of students, staff and parents and is aligned with the DET Safe School mandatory requirements. I trust everyone will read it as we try very hard to ensure that our school is safe for all.

Blue Light Disco Friday 22nd June
Please note that the Daylesford police will host the Blue Light Disco on this date from 6pm until 9pm. As with all Blue Light Discos, there are no pass outs and children are extensively supervised to ensure everyone has a wonderful time. Entry fee is $5 and the theme is favourite animals!

Mavericks And Misfits Wednesday 27th June
All year 3 to 6 children should have received a permission form this week to attend this fantastic production. The cost is $2 and we would like the permission forms and money in by Friday 22nd June so we can reserve seating. The production is to be hosted at the Daylesford Town Hall and features some of our own wonderfully talented student performers. We very much look forward to this event.

Book Fair Sort Day Sunday 24th June
If you are able to assist with our next sort day it will begin at 10.00am at the school gym. It is planned that the sort day will continue until approximately 4.00pm. If you have any books at home that you would like to donate to the 2018 Book Fair you may wish to drop them off next Sunday. Thank you for everyone’s support for what promises to be another wonderful Daylesford Primary School Book Fair to be hosted on the 1st and 2nd of September.

Enjoy your weekend.

Trevor Edwards,

Term 2 - week 8

Book Fair News
Well done to all volunteers who helped with the Book sort on Sunday. As we now have a confirmed date, (Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of September) I encourage everyone to check if they have any books that they no longer require, or books that may be of interest that are taking up room in the household and donate them to this year’s Book Fair. The next Book sort is on Sunday the 24th of June at the school gymnasium from 10am until 4pm. You are most welcome to bring them along on this date. You are also most welcome to bring them to school at any time and we’ll ensure that the books are prepared appropriately for sale. Thank you in anticipation and well done to our Book Fair committee.

Greater Western Region Cross Country Warrnambool
Well done to all participants and families who participated in these championships last Friday. Congratulations to Charlotte Streat, Erin Childs and Zach Koleski who made it to the next stage. Also well done to Frey Pelham, Jessica Santurini, Scout Kinnear & Mia Hardy who ran so well and achieved at an elite level. We look forward to the next event, the Victorian Primary Schools Cross Country championships, which will be hosted a Bundoora on the 19th July.

Pupil Free Day Tomorrow
As advertised in previous newsletters tomorrow is a pupil free day. No child is to be at school. Likewise no child is to be at school on Monday the 11th of June as this is the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

School Photos
Please remember to send your school photo envelope with the correct money in it on Tuesday with your child/children.

Enjoy your weekend.

Trevor Edwards,

Term 2 - week 7

Assembly Performance
Once again, we had the pleasure of listening and participating in a vibrant assembly with the Daylesford Secondary college concert band performing. Along with this, we had our senior school year levels performing a variety of entertaining songs. Well done to all, it was a very engaging assembly as we continue to encourage our students to be involved in the Performing Arts. If you would like further information about your child learning a musical instrument please contact either myself, Katie Yeung or Suzanne Hobson.

Winter Raffle
If you pass by my office area you will notice fabulous prizes donated for this year’s Winter Raffle. The organising team have done a fabulous job in approaching the generous businesses in our area, which we will acknowledge in an upcoming newsletter. That being the case we encourage all families to get behind this raffle by selling tickets, which were sent home with a previous newsletter. If you would like more tickets to sell, please call in to the front office. All money raised will go towards our valuable learning resources and this year’s Grade 6 Graduation Dinner. Thank you in anticipation!

Greater Western Region Cross Country Finals Warrnambool
Congratulations to all our participants who are competing in this event today at Warrnambool. Well done to Erin Childs, Mia Hardy, Scout Kinnear, Zach Koleski, Frey Pelham, Jessica Santurini & Charlotte Streat who have not only challenged themselves to achieve such success but have also represented our school so admirably. A huge thank you to all parents and carers who have committed their time and resources to support their children in such a prestigious event. A follow up report will be included in next week’s newsletter.

2018 Book Fair
We can now confirm that the annual Daylesford Primary School Book Fair will be hosted on both Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of September, which coincides with the Monthly Farmers Market weekend at our school. The organising team have committed the following times and dates for the sorting of books, so we encourage anyone who has the time to become involved.

Sunday 3rd June from 10am-12 noon,
Sunday 24th June 10am-4pm,
Sunday 5th August 10am-4pm &
Sunday 26th August 10am-4pm

All book-sorting opportunities will be hosted in the school gym. If you have any books that you would like to donate to the fabulous event, which on average raises between $6000 and $8000 for our school literacy programs, we will gratefully accept all donations. Pick up can be arranged. Please contact the school and we will do our best to ensure that the books are picked up at an appropriate time or you are most welcome to drop them off at the school. If you plan to bring the books to school, we will open the gym area where the books will be temporarily stored. Please contact the office for advice. Thank you for your support. For further information please contact the school or Shelley Sandow on 0427 152 949.

School Photos
Just a reminder that school photos will be undertaken on Tuesday the 12th of June, the day after the Queen’s Birthday Public holiday. All forms have been distributed with this newsletter. The envelope with the correct money in it must be returned with the student on school photo day.

Pupil Free Day 8th Of June
Finally just another reminder that there is a pupil free day on Friday the 8th of June. No children are to attend on this day. This also coincides with the Queen’s Birthday public holiday on Monday the 11th of June.

Dogs On School Premises
As an owner of two beautiful Golden Retrievers, I am a major fan of dogs and I know they play a very important role in people’s lives. However, at school dogs can be unpredictable due to the amount of people and the noise, as well as the fact that other dogs can cause problems. Many children and adults have anxiety as a result of experiences with dogs. That being the case I would like to ensure that we think carefully about bringing dogs to school. It is vital they are on a lead and controlled, away from children, adults and other dogs. If you have any concerns please contact me. Please don’t be offended if I request that you do not bring your dog on school premises.

Enjoy your weekend.

Trevor Edwards,

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